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BeBee is designed to provide expectant parents with a detailed and accurate view of their baby's development.

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Fetal Growth Tracker

Track the growth and development of the fetus over time, by collecting data such as the fetal weight, length, and head circumference. This feature can help the mother keep track of the baby's growth and ensure that everything is on track with the pregnancy

Contraction Timer

A contraction timer feature can help the mother track the frequency and duration of her contractions during labor. This feature can be useful for both first-time mothers and experienced mothers, as it can help them time their contractions accurately and know when to go to the hospital.

Kick Counter

Track the number of times the baby kicks or moves in the mother's womb. This feature can help the mother monitor the baby's activity level and alert her to any potential issues if the baby is not moving as much as usual. It can also provide reassurance to the mother that the baby is healthy and active.

Fetus Tracker

convenient and user-friendly way to monitor the health and well-being of the growing fetus. With easy-to-use interfaces and intuitive functionality, these apps can be a valuable tool for any expectant mother who wants to stay informed and involved in their pregnancy journey.

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